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Monmouth University history professor Golland (A Terrible Thing to Waste) leaves no stone unturned in this fine-grained chronicle of the rock group Journey. Formed in 1973 as a “progressive rock” band, Journey’s lackluster sales had Columbia Records close to ending their contract in 1977, when “crooning tenor” Steve Perry joined as frontman...


Coming February 2024 from Rowman & Littlefield:

Livin' Just to Find Emotion:
Journey and the Story of American Rock

Since exploding on the scene in the late 70s, Journey has inspired generations of fans with “Don’t Stop Believin’” and other hits. Celebrating the band’s fiftieth anniversary, David Hamilton Golland unearths the band’s true and complete story, incorporating exclusive interview material with band members. When Steve Perry joined jazz-blues progressive rock band Journey in 1977, they saw a rise to the top, and their 1981 album Escape hit #1. But Perry’s quest for control led to Journey’s demise. Perry refused to tour....

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May 9, 2023
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
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From Tony Soprano to Arnel Pineda: Journey and the Integration of Modern Rock
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October 14, 2022: Charles Sawyer, author of
B.B. King from Indianola to Icon: A Personal Odyssey with the King of the Blues
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