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United States History

Instructor: David Hamilton Golland

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  • Description and Objectives
  • Required Text
  • Classroom participation
  • Tests
  • Quiz and Exam Rules
  • Attendance and Lateness
  • Grade Weighting
  • Classroom Etiquette

    Description and Objectives:
    This course covers United States history from the Colonial period to the present. The purpose is to give the student a strong background in the history of the United States and its place in the world and to develop the student's writing and critical thinking skills. Students will learn to evaluate differing and contrasting opinions on historical events and trends and discover how to put these opinions, events, and trends in historical perspective. They will also learn skills of analysis, writing and reading. It is important to keep up with assignments and to come to class ready to participate to achieve these objectives. Classroom participation, regular homework quizzes, and two examinations will assess their progress in achieving these objectives.

    Required Text:
    The required textbook is available at The City College bookstore.

    *Berkin, et al, Making America, Complete (Volumes I and II), Fifth Edition (Houghton-Mifflin, 2008). This book is priced at about $140. If you choose to buy a used version of the Fourth edition, please understand that although the information is largely the same, some of the chapter numbers and titles have changed. It is your responsibility to be prepared for each chapter quiz, and so I recommend that in order to cut costs, students share.

    IMPORTANT: Please bring your textbook to every class session EXCEPT movie days and the midterm.

    Classroom Participation:
    All students will be expected to participate in every class session.

    Students will be evaluated by regular homework quizzes, a midterm examination, and a final examination.

    *The twenty-one regular readings quizzes, which correspond with assigned textbook chapters, will take place at the start of every lesson and will consist of either five multiple-choice questions, one chronological question with six items to be numbered in order, or an identification question. All questions will be based on the assigned textbook chapter, and will be graded on a five-point scale. These quizzes are designed to ensure that all students do the homework as well as to prepare students for the style of questions they will face on the midterm and final exams.

    *The midterm and final examinations will each consist of a multiple-choice section, a chronology section, and an identifications section. The final exam will not be cumulative.

    Quiz and Exam Rules
    Please observe these rules carefully. Infraction will result in lost points.

    *No pencil or red ink.
    *Please clear your desks of all items except a writing implement prior to the start of the quiz or exam.
    *Keep your eyes on your own quiz or exam.
    *Write your name first; no extra time will be alloted at the end to write your name.
    *Do not speak during the quiz or exam. If you have a question, raise your hand and the instructor will come to your seat.
    *You may not leave the classroom during the quiz or exam. If you must leave for an emergency, turn in your quiz or exam; you're finished. So please handle biological functions in advance.
    *If you finish a quiz early, please wait quietly until the instructor has called the time. During the midterm and final exams, students may turn in their exam sheets and leave.

    Attendance and Lateness:
    Students' completion of the quizzes and exams will constitute the record of attendance. If you arrive in class late and miss a quiz, please see Professor Golland after class so that you can be marked late.

    Students with five or more absences will fail the course. Two latenesses count as one absence.

    Grade Weighting:
    Participation: 25%
    Regular Readings Quizzes: 25%
    Midterm Examination: 25%
    Final Examination: 25%

    The mathematical scores will translate into letter grades as follows:
    98 or higher: A+
    93 or higher: A
    90 or higher: A-
    88 or higher: B+
    83 or higher: B
    80 or higher: B-
    78 or higher: C+
    70 or higher: C
    60 or higher: D
    Less than 60: F

    Some students will receive a grade one notch higher than that dictated by their mathematical score. For instance, a high F (above 57) could become a D; a a D high D could become a C; etc. There are two ways in which a student can earn a "Bump-up."

    1. "Bump-Up" for Improvement: Students who score at least ten points higher on the final than on the midterm.

    2. "Bump-Up" for Standard Deviation: Students who earn a grade on one component of the course which is at least 20 points lower than their grades on all other components of the course.

    These "Bump-ups" are the ONLY exceptions. All other students will receive the exact grade they have earned. As an example, a student with a mathematical score of 89.999 who does not qualify for a "Bump-up" will receive a B+; a student with a mathematical score of 59.999 who does not qualify for a "Bump-up" will receive an F.

  • Students who fail both examinations will fail the course regardless of their mathmatical score and are not eligible for "Bump-ups."
  • Students who attend at least one class but miss the final four homework quizzes and the final exam will receive a grade of WU (withdraw unofficially).
  • Students who miss the final exam but would otherwise pass the course will receive a grade of INC (incomplete) and will be required to schedule a makeup final examination with Dr. Golland in the next semester. Failure to schedule and take the makeup final examination will result in a grade of F.
  • Students who wish to take this course on a Credit/No Credit basis must give Dr. Golland their completed forms before taking the final examination.
  • A grade of A+ must be earned and will not be awarded as the result of a "bump-up."

    Classroom Etiquette:
  • Cellphones and Beepers: For the sake of your fellow students, please remember to silence your phones and pagers. Each time your phone rings during the class may result in as much as one point off your final grade--at my discretion. Please notify me if you are an emergency services worker on call while off-duty.

  • Eating and Drinking: As long as you clean up after yourself, I have no problem with eating or drinking in the classroom. It should go without saying that "drinking" refers to non-alcoholic beverages.

  • You will be treated like an adult, so you are expected to act like an adult. When class has started, you are expected to be attentive to the lesson. You don't need permission to leave the room, just do it. But you have a responsibility to arrive in class on time and not leave class more than absolutely necessary.

  • Dismissal Distractions: Packing up or otherwise making noise prior to my dismissal of the class is an unnecessary distraction both to me and your fellow students. Accordingly, each time you do so may result in as much as one point off your final grade--at my discretion. Please notify me in advance if you need to leave early for any reason.

    Disclaimer: None of the above shall be construed to supercede The City College/CUNY policy or local, state, or federal laws. Any instructions or information on this website found to be in violation of said policies or laws can and should be ignored.

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