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  • Governors State University College of Arts and Sciences
    Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Index Number: HIST4800
    Fall, 2014; 1-4 Credits
    Instructor: Prof. David Hamilton Golland
    Site Supervisor: Ms. Jane Niccol, Archivist

    Online Course Guide

    General Description:
    Consists of field experience with an American history-related business or public agency. The student will work under the supervision of an individual at the internship agency and a member of the history faculty.
    Restriction: Open to history majors with at least 24 hours of upper-division history credits; or in the final year of enrollment before graduation; and/or by permission of the instructor.
    Prerequisite: permission of instructor and site supervisor.
    Requirements: Prior to beginning the internship, students must complete the required internship application form, submit a detailed description of their planned activities and educational objectives for the internship, and make arrangements with an internship site to host them for the internship.
    Rationale: An internship is an integral part of Governors State University's History program. The vast amount of history-related business or public agency resources located in the Chicago land and southern Chicago suburban area give our students a unique opportunity to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to a real-world setting, hone their public history skills, and begin developing a network of professional contacts.
    Intended Audience: Students who wish to apply the theories, principles, and methods of historical study in a practical work environment. By participating in this course, students will learn both conceptual and applied approaches to the study of history and will be better prepared for a variety of history career opportunities.
    Instructional Modality: Supervisory course.
    Required Readings: A site-specific reading list will be developed in consultation with the faculty supervisor and on-site coordinator. The total readings should be approximately 150 -300 pages in length.
    Student Learning Objectives:
    Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • Discuss how the workplace experience utilized the studentís historical training
  • Appraise internship activity.
  • Discuss how the educational objectives as defined in the internship application have been fulfilled.
  • Explain how academic training as a historian can be applied in professional workplaces and to advance the work of public history and/or academic institutions and organizations.
    Evaluation: In order to pass the internship, students must fulfill their original educational objectives, receive a favorable review from their internship site supervisor, and submit all required assignments.

    Internship-Specific Description: (Top)
    The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) recently announced nearly $30,000,000 in grants to museums across the nation. Park Forest Historical Society is receiving one of the 244 Awards. The society will be receiving $22,701 through the Museums for America Collections Stewardship grant program for a two-year project to begin entering collections into a PastPerfect Collection Maintenance Database, improving intellectual and legal control and making them more accessible to residents, visitors to the museum, authors, scholars, students, and publishers. The project will cover collections held by the society in the 1950s Park Forest House Museum, located at 141 Forest Blvd, and in the Park Forest Local History Collection and Archive, maintained at 227 Monee Road, co-owned by the Library. Some of the Local History Collection is held at the Park Forest Public Library, 400 Lakewood Blvd.

    Grant monies provided by IMLS will purchase the PastPerfect Museum Software, add-ons, training CD-ROMS, online training, training manuals and support for two years. Grant monies will also purchase a computer to store the database on, a printer-scanner- copier, paper and ink, and pay for 8 hours of staff time. Included in the cost-share are many hours from volunteers who will be recruited and trained over the next few months.

    Volunteers for accessioning of collection and data entry into PastPerfect Collections Maintenance Database.
  • Fluent in English language.
  • Able to take detailed instruction and training.
  • Able to read detailed information.
  • Able to type detailed information into appropriate categories in the template.
  • Able to type with sufficient speed and accuracy.
  • Possess clear handwriting for marking collections with accession numbers.
  • Works well in a group project, with sufficient communication and feedback skills.
  • Ideal candidates will be able to commit four hours per week for up to 50 hours per week, for two years. We realize this may be difficult, and are willing to work with volunteers who can offer smaller time commitments, for less than two years. We still very much need for these volunteers to be able to give a number of hours, to return our investment in training.
  • Able to discern importance of the collection to researchers' needs over time, and to extract appropriate details from the records which will aid volunteers and researchers in connecting with collection materials.
  • Works independently, or with others as required.

    The collection work will be done on in the Archive Office of the Society, in St. Mary's Catholic Church, 227 Monee Road, Park Forest, IL 60466.

    Grading scale:
  • A = excellent
  • B = good
  • C = satisfactory
  • D= passing
  • F = unsatisfactory

    Office Hours: (Top)
    Please select a half-hour from the list of dates below and request an appointment.
    Prof. Golland cannot guarantee that he will be available without an appointment.
    Prof. Golland's office is in Hantack House, rm. 115.
    Hantack House is the white farmhouse next to the red barn, near where alumni path crosses the main entrance road.
    Tuesday, 8/26: 2:00-4:30
    Thursday, 8/28: 2:00-4:30
    Tuesday, 9/2: 2:00-4:30
    Thursday, 9/4: 3:30-4:30
    Tuesday, 9/9: 2:00-4:15
    Thursday, 9/11: 2:00-4:30
    Monday, 9/15: 2:00-4:30
    Tuesday, 9/16: 2:00-4:30
    Tuesday, 9/23: 2:00-4:30
    Thursday, 9/25: 2:00-4:30
    Tuesday, 9/30: 2:00-4:30
    Wednesday, 10/1: 9:30-12:30
    Tuesday, 10/7: 2:00-4:30
    Thursday, 10/9: 4:00-5:00
    Tuesday, 10/14: 3:15-4:30
    Thursday, 10/16: 3:15-5:30
    Tuesday, 10/21: 2:00-4:30
    Thursday, 10/23: 2:00-4:30
    Tuesday, 10/28: 2:45-4:30
    Thursday, 10/30: 2:00-5:15
    Monday, 11/3: 2:00-5:15
    Tuesday, 11/4: 2:45-4:30
    Tuesday, 11/11: 2:00-4:30
    Thursday, 11/13: 2:00-4:30
    Monday, 11/17: 2:00-4:30
    Tuesday, 11/18: 2:00-4:30
    Tuesday, 12/2: 2:00-4:30
    Thursday, 12/4: 3:30-4:30

    Counseling Center (Top)
    The Counseling Center of the Academic Resource Center at Governors State University (GSU) has a staff of experienced professionals who provide a variety of counseling services for GSU undergraduate and graduate students. The counselors support and adhere to the professional, ethical, and legal standards as described by the American Psychological Association, as well as other professional organizations. Our mission is to contribute to the overall quality of campus life for students, and to support the academic endeavors of our students. The Counseling Center is located in the Academic Resource Center, B1215. Office hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. and Fridays 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. For personal counseling, contact Katherine Helm, 708.235.7334. For academic counseling, call 708.534.4508.

    Services for Students with Disabilities: (Top)
    GSU is committed to providing all students equal access to university programs and facilities. Students needing an accommodation based on disability should contact the Director of Access Services for Students with Disabilities (ASSD). Students must register with ASSD before faculty is required to provide appropriate accommodations. For more information or to register, please contact the Director of ASSD (RoomB1215 or assd@govst.edu or 708-235-3968). To ensure that learning needs are met, contact ASSD the first week of classes.

    Academic Honesty: Students are expected to fulfill academic requirements in an ethical and honest manner. This expectation pertains to the following: use and acknowledgement of the ideas and work of others, submission of work to fulfill course requirements, sharing of work with other students, and appropriate behavior during examinations. These ethical considerations are not intended to discourage people from studying together or from engaging in group projects. The university policy on academic honesty appears in the 2011-2012 catalog appendix, which can be found on the website at http:/ /www.govst.edu/uploadedFiles/catalog/catback.pdf#page= 1

    Contact Information: (Top)
    David Hamilton Golland
    Assistant Professor and Coordinator of History and Social Sciences
    Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Governors State University
    Office Location: Hantack 115
    E-mail: dgolland@govst.edu

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