David Hamilton Golland, Ph.D.
Archived Syllabi





  BCC HIS10/11 History of the Modern World

BCC GEO10 World Regional Geography
  BMCC HIS101 World Civilization, Antiquity to 1500

BMCC HIS120 United States, Colonization to Reconstruction

BMCC HIS125 United States, Civil War to the Present
  Cooper Union HSS2 Texts and Contexts: Old Worlds and New

Cooper Union HSS3 The Making of Modern Society
  Hunter HIS151 United States to 1877

Hunter HIS152 United States since 1865
  City College USSO United States, Colonization to 1865

City College HIS/BLS31118 Workers in Fact, Film, and Fiction

City College WCiv102 World Civilization since 1400




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