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Publishers Weekly Starred Review:
"Golland leaves no stone unturned in this fine-grained chronicle of the rock group Journey. [His] passion and precision make this a pleasure." Read more.

Advance Praise:
“Livin’ Just to Find Emotion: Journey and the Story of American Rock affords music lovers with a career-spanning overview of the band’s achievements. In Golland’s skillful hands, this book provides readers with an engaging assessment of Journey’s timeless albums. From the group's early forays into jazz and progressive rock through the artistic and commercial heights of Escape and Frontiers, Golland underscores Journey’s vaunted place among rock ’n’ roll’s pantheon of all-time greats.”
— Kenneth Womack, author of John Lennon 1980: The Last Days in the Life

“A fascinating story of Journey, investigating the band dynamics, the clash of egos, and the sheer talent it took for a 1970s San Francisco band to rise to the top of the music industry. It's not just a tale of corporate rock and ambition, but also the re-segregation of rock music after the racial integration of the '60s. A compelling read that had me checking out songs all the way through!”
— Lucy O'Brien, author of Lead Sister: The Story of Karen Carpenter

“All too often, Journey is dismissed by uber-serious critics and high-minded fans as unworthy of serious analysis. Lucky for us, David Hamilton Golland disagrees. In a comprehensive and thoughtful volume, Golland skillfully traces the group’s tumultuous fifty-year history. He paints complex portraits of its current and past members and cleverly unpacks Journey’s identity as a “corporate” rock band by documenting the legal maneuvering and empire building that underpins its massive success. Most importantly, however, Golland never loses sight of what made Journey a household name: its magical catalog of smash hits. You won’t stop reading.”
— Greg Renoff, author of Van Halen Rising
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  • January 4-6, 2024: Honolulu, Hawaii

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    I've curated Spotify and YouTube playlists to accompany each chapter of the book. Each playlist has different content, with the Spotify lists consisting solely of audio songs and the YouTube lists containing a variety of videos as well as songs not available on Spotify, so feel free to enjoy them all!


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