David Hamilton Golland, Ph.D.

Current Service

Professional and External
  Organization of American Historians
Committee on Research and Government, 2017-2020
  Park Forest Historical Society
Vice President, 2013-2017
Board of Directors, 2012-2018

Governors State University
  University Faculty Senate
Vice President, 2015-2017
Parliamentarian, 2014-2015
Member, 2013-2019
  Instutional Policies Committee
(formerly Educational Policies Committee)
Member, 2016-2018
  Planning and Budget Advisory Council
Faculty Senate Appointee, 2016-2018
  Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee
Faculty Senate Representative, 2013-2018
  Title III Grant Advisory Committee
Faculty Senate Appointee, 2017
  Faculty Senate Task Force on Scheduling
Co-Chair, 2017
  Commencement Team
Faculty Marshall Coordinator, 2017
  General Education Council
Faculty Senate President's Designee, 2015-2017

GSU Division of Arts & Letters
  Division Personnel Committee, Humanities & Social Sciences
Member, 2016-2018

  Last updated 11 June, 2017 (DHG)